Artist Statement

I have been fascinated with creating art since I was introduced to my first box of crayons.

Heart Sunglasses. ©Becky Spradling
I’ve always known that there would be a time in my life in which I could fully explore my passion…. that time has come. I begin my work with an idea that can come from an experience, an old photo, or a sight that has captured my attention. I usually sketch my ideas on paper until I’m satisfied with the composition. Once my sketch is complete, I loosely draw the idea on canvas and then apply a thin layer of transparent oils, followed by thicker and thicker paint. The simple beauty of paint on a palette makes my heart sing. Since I frequently make changes in my paintings as I work, the finished piece may look very different from my original sketch.


I describe my work as representational with artistic license that might include abstraction and even touches of whimsy. Some of my favorite subjects are people caught in a moment and I enjoy adding details that I believe exaggerates the story or mood. Frequently, I’ll include elements from nature to my figurative paintings. In these works, I purposely create confusion in the background leaving the viewer to wonder if the scene is indoors or outside.

Botanical paintings

On the Patio. ©Becky Spradling

I am a woman that loves being in nature. Arizona is filled with unique plants and with light that grabs my attention and inspires me to paint. Most often these piece are “portraits” of plants, but I sometimes add backgrounds that include abstract images of the surrounding area. When creating botanical paintings, I use colors and backgrounds that express my personal experience with the subject.